10/31 HALLOWEEN PARTY へのコメントはまだありません

(Followed by English translation)

10月31日(日)14:00~15:30、オンライン(Zoom)のハロウィンパーティーです🎃 アフリカンキッズクラブ東海(@africankidsclub.tokai )&関西(@africankidsclubkansai )が合同で開催します。当日は、参加するお子さんたちの自己紹介、うた、借り物きょうそう等のゲームを通じて、みんなで楽しく交流しましょう!

We are glad to announce that African Kids Club Tokai(@africankidsclub.tokai ) and Kansai(@africankidsclubkansai )will hold an online(Zoom) halloween party at 14:00~15:30 on 31 Oct(Sun) . We shall have fun at the party through each kids’ self introduction, singing a song and playing some games such as scavenger hunt. The target participants are children with African roots and their family.

※締め切り: 10月23日(土)
※Application deadline : 23 Oct(Sat)
※If possible, please attend with simple halloween costume or African clothes etc
(No need to buy new one for the event).
※The event will be held in Japanese and English.